• Virtual CFO – A Business & Financial Win

    Here's How It Works

    My experiences over the past 30 years give me with the ability to hit the ground running to drive significant improvements. Your business funnels that experience to get results on very specific business objectives. This is financially beneficial to your business—you are not committing to the large overhead of an annual salary yet you are gaining C-level expertise.

    Virtual CFO arrangements are on an assignment basis. Certain assignments will be very short-term in nature and require no additional resources. Others will be long-term and require certain additional specialized resources. Fees will be determined based on the scope and complexity of the assignment. 

    My time in the Fraternal and Non-profit space have been so rewarding to me that I am compelled to work with organizations which help people in other ways. Accordingly, I will offer a significant discount to those organizations making a difference in the world.

    Virtual CFO - Options of Services

    Chief Financial Officer

    • Partner with CEO to drive all Finance activities as "Virtual CFO"
    • Revenue and Expense Restructuring  
    • Implement holistic risk management process
    • Mergers, acquisitions and other combinations

    Business and Technology Transformation Leadership

    • Global reporting 
    • Short and long term planning
    • Risk dashboard
    • Product Development

    Finance - Leadership and Development

    • Stabilization during transitions
    • Recruitment and organizational development
    • Building a more powerful team
    • Expense control 

    Your Needs + My Expertise = Your Growth

    Your Next Steps

    Contact Marc

    Speak to Marc personally to have your questions answered. Determine if your business and a Virtual CFO are a great fit.

    Define Your Needs

    Work with Marc to decide which capabilities you will utilize. Then finalize the scope of the assignment best for your company.

    Implement Your Virtual CFO

    Begin your assignment as defined and work cohesively towards reaching your goals with Marc, your Virtual CFO.